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Adspruce Description

AdSpruce is the leading programmatic video advertising Supply Side Platform on the mobile web dedicated to helping publishers maximize the value of their inventory using high-performance video ad formats and direct sales to brands and agencies. 

AdSpruce’s ad server delivers videos to more devices than anyone else, and their technology stack allows them to deliver industry-leading ad experiences, targeting, tracking, security, and ad spot controls.

AdSpruce offers a range of integration options that are designed to give you the flexibility to choose the level of advertising you want from their mobile monetization platform. AdSpruce can monetize any link on the mobile web through premium mobile video advertising using their ADK integration.

Adspruce Features and Capabilities

Adspruce Payment Info

The minimum payout for AdSpruce is 100 Euros, and the earnings roll over to the next pay payment. The payments are made within 60 days of the end of each month in which the revenue is collected.

Adspruce Key Facts

Adspruce Publisher Eligibility

AdSpruce does not serve any publisher whose site contains or promotes anything that is or can be construed as illegal, libelous, defamatory, abusive, excessively violent, hate-oriented behavior, malware or virus, fraudulent, in non-compliance with the regulations of any country, pornography, or misleading.

Adspruce Ad Formats

Adspruce Faq

Their team of skillful developers has created a simple and safe method of serving ads on your mobile website. The quickest and simplest method is their Ad-tag solution, which is used to insert in-line video banners anywhere on your website. AdSpruce’s SDK is also simple to integrate and allows for pre-roll and sticky banner ads to be served on your site(s). Once you have the ad-tag or SDK installed, they will start to serve video ads to your site, and you’ll start to make money.

No, publishers do not have to pay to become AdSpruce publishers.

Publishers can visit the Monetise page on AdSpruce, enter their email addresses, and fill out a short form. Once the publisher is approved, they can get started with the Dashboard and start monetizing.

When you sign up as an AdSpruce publisher, you are given access to your own web-based reports dashboard. The publisher dashboard covers all of the metrics you need to make important decisions about your business, including the number of views you have delivered and the revenue you have generated.