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OKO Description

As you might have assumed from the company name, OKO ad management provides a service to assist publishers in managing their ad inventory and maximizing its effectiveness.
In comparison to Adsense or other ad networks, OKO will give you access to a wider pool of advertisers. Adsense is included in this pool. Due to the greater number of advertisers vying for your ad space, it may raise your CPM.
Oko offers five core solutions to give website and app publishers everything they need to maximize their ad revenue. As Google-certified experts in ad monetization, they will give you access to premium demand, exclusive data-driven optimization opportunities, and expert one-on-one support.No two publishers are the same, so they make sure that they create custom solutions tailored to suit the needs of you and your website.


OKO Features and Capabilities


OKO Payment Info

To be updated.

OKO Publisher Eligibility

Oko requires your site to meet some minimum standards in terms of content, design, and performance. And more importantly, your website receives a minimum of 2 million page views per month.

OKO Ad Formats

OKO offers the following ad formats:

Interstitial Ads: These are full-screen ads that cover the entire screen of the device. 

Rewarded Video Ads: These are ads that offer incentives to users for engaging with the ad or performing an action.

In-Article/In-Feed Video Ads: These are ads that are shown between content on a webpage or between social media feeds.

Adhesion Ads: These are sticky ads that sit at the bottom of the page as the user scrolls.

Contextual Video: These are video ads that match the content on the page.