The Best Advertising Platforms Tools: Site Type

As global advertising demand continues to grow, the advertising technology landscape is emerging to cater to niche audiences. Thus, a lot of ad networks have emerged across various verticals and niches. They are particularly catering to certain niches and are able to superiorly monetize those niche categories. There are a lot of ad networks that have specifically emerged in the health, finance, anime, crypto, and education verticals. In this category, we have segmented ad networks across IAB categories and listed the ones that tend to perform well in those niches. 

We suggest you click on the individual sub-categories to check the best ad networks for that particular niche. Some of these ad networks and platforms cater specifically to the selected niche. Also, we have listed a few networks that tend to perform well in most of the niches and site categories. Should you wish to suggest an ad network that has performed well on your site, please email us at [email protected]. Also, feel free to request a site audit.  

Trafficjunky is an adult CPM advertising network that helps promote your business online and reach audiences across PC, mobile, and tablet devices on the most highly visited websites. 

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