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Smartyads Description

SmartyAds Ad Exchange for publishers is a programmatic ad marketplace for supply partners looking for ways to generate revenue through website or app advertising. SmartyAds Ad Exchange allows publishers and app developers to sell their inventory across all digital channels programmatically, achieving the most lucrative outcomes available. Publishers gain ultimate control over the price of each impression and choose what advertising content appears in front of their custom audience.

Smartyads Features and Capabilities

Smartyads Payment Info

The publishers with Smartyads can withdraw earnings in the 60 days period after each month. The minimum payout is USD 50. You can withraw earnings via PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer.

Smartyads Publisher Eligibility

There is no minimum traffic requirement for publishers to meet. It is easy to monetize with SmartyAds. Publishers need to sign up and create an account to start using the revenue opportunities. 

Smartyads Ad Formats

Smartyads offers the following ad formats:

Smartyads Faq

The payment is counted for the total number of actual impressions served on the publisher’s inventory and approved by them.

Smartyads provides marketers with access to data-drive reports of impressions, ad spends, conversions and other metrics that are updated every hour.

SmartyAds operates on a CPM model.

SmartyAds usually takes up to 24 hours to review and approve a website.