Why Family Ads Network Services?

Our service exists to assist education with new fundraising avenues.
We help businesses and apps get valuable exposure with guaranteed results.

FANS is an advertising agency that assist education in raising funds in todays technology advance world. We assist and specialize in offline to online engagement for businesses. Our MipTags service helps advertisers reach their target audience directly.

Advertisers never have to worry about losing their audience to other ads like traditional search engines. The MipTags App-Raiser is a fundraiser that rewards education by sharing revenue with the network of schools. Family Ads Network Service was created by parents, for parents, students and schools.

Our mission is to help education with private sector technology solutions like CPI campaigns.

We strive to provide safe family friendly advertisements that allow everyone to participate in helping education.

Education Wins

Safe, Secure, Modern Fundraising

Fans reviews all ads.

MipTags is direct search and safe for families.
Ground breaking fundraising that rewards education.

Modern Fundraising

Users get rewarded for discovering new apps.
Points can be redeemed for giftcards or scholarships.

Education Wins As One

Together schools create a network.
Everyone wins working together.

Apps & Business Win

Real Users & Real Growth

Break Through
Only Pay For Action

Gain maximum exposure!
Grow like never before!

Right Marketing Network,
Just RIght For Advertisers

Our network insures maximum visibility. Tracks offline
to online conversion. Rewards only real human CPI

Success For All
21st Century Solutions

A large network of motivated users in our community. Your ads help the community and rewards education. Quality demographics all discovering amazing new apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

District officers, school admins, PTA leaders.
We use the highest standard in protecting the site and app.
Once you leave MipTags and download an app, developers may receive your information upon signing up with their app. Fans is not responsible for your information with other services.
FANS reviews all advertisements and app thoroughly via a multi- check point human review. Along with the safety protocols for apps from the App Store and Play Store.
Apps must be sent in by the 15th of every month to make print deadlines for the following month.
Research shows that CPI installs return on average 1.6x - 3.4x users based on sharing of your application. Good apps equal sharing.
Yes. We have a standard 50/60/50 refund policy for direct campaigns. If your campaign does not have 50% of the target actions in 60 days we will refund you 50% of campaign spend.
Have more questions? Drop us a line at info@familyadsnetwork.org and we will be happy to assist.

Contact Us

Contact us to enroll with us and join the community. Simply fill up the form and we will contact you back shortly.