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Effective March 9th, 2019, these Official Rules govern the MipTags® App-Raiser™ program, its mobile apps and websites located at www.MipTags.Com and its mobile application. Family Ads Network Service (FANS) reserves the right to make changes to these Official Rules at any time. Please check or occasionally for updates or changes. Your participation in the MipTags Search Engine App-Raiser program indicates acceptance of these Official Rules.


The MipTags App-Raiser is open to all local government school, charter, private and daycare operators in the approved countries, provided that these schools and child care organizations (i) are organized and operated primarily for educational purposes, (ii) provide classes and educational learning instruction to a regularly enrolled body of students preschool through 12th grade/form, and (iii) maintain a regular faculty and curriculum that emphasizes foundational skills such as reading, writing, mathematics and fundamental learning.

School eligibility will be determined by Family Ads Network Service in its sole discretion. FANS reserves the right to conduct its own research and/or request documentation (including without limitation proof of 501(c)(3) status and tax identification numbers, W9 documentation, and or equivalent documentation based on country to verify eligibility for participation in the program. FANS may deny participation in the program for failure to meet any of the verification or eligibility requirements.

Note that by participating in the App-Raiser program, schools grant publicity rights to Family Ads Network Service to use the school’s name and identifying information, including name and city, in promotional and marketing materials in all forms of media while an active member of the program.


App-Raisers is a no cost fundraiser for education, by discovering and downloading new family friendly apps. Participating schools will not incur any cost associated with printing, advertising, or shipping.


By joining the MipTags App-Raiser network, your school agrees to disperse family friendly flyers every month. These flyers will include vetted apps from the Family Ads Network.

There are over 3 million apps currently available in the App and Play stores. App companies pay to advertise with marketing companies in order to get new users to discover, download, and try their apps. FANS works with companies that meet our standards and provide a secure way for information to move from print marketing to digital engagement. When a sponsored app of interest is downloaded from the MipTags secure search engine, a portion of the advertising revenue is given to education. Users of MipTags can also redeem rewards points three times a calendar year for their searches if they have earned at least 500 points. Those rewards points can be redeemed and donated to a student or a teacher's class* in the form of a gift card or scholarship. 1 point = .01 USC. * Teachers may receive a donated gift card for their entire class. The gift card will be sent to school administration in the care of chosen teacher's classes for students to enjoy.*

FANS reviews and vets all apps to make sure their content is acceptable and appropriate. FANS makes sure that the apps have a direct link to the App Store or Play Store and that their links are acceptable and go to the proper destination. Examples of links: website, social media, or coupon offers. FANS doesn’t allow first person shooter games or dating services to be displayed.

Every student within the school should have a chance to take home a flyer with approved apps for family and friends to review and download apps that interest them.

When users sign up for the MipTags secure search engine app, they must enter the school and student they would like to support. This is to insure that the correct school will not receive credit for the sponsored search actions and downloads. Once they have signed up, they will enter the secure MipTag (Mobile Information Post Tag) from the flyer into the MipTags App.

Flyers will arrive at the school office by the first day of each month that school is in session. Flyers should be given out as soon as possible. Advertising campaigns may have a budget life span. Once a budget has been reached, the application may no longer be available to receive credit. Distributing free flyers on the first day of the new month gives your school the best options for success.

For every download, your school will receive 30% of the ad revenue if you are an active part of the network and allowing flyers to be distributed. If your school is not actively participating, FANS reserve the right to donate a percentage of the ad revenue to a school or students of our choice as a scholarship.


Family Ads Network Services, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel without obligation, or alter the terms of MipTags fundraiser for Education program at any time.


Each participating school should have a school coordinator to assist in awareness of the App-Raiser program. School coordinators will be able to add or remove themselves, or to add others as coordinators for their schools. However, FANS reserves the right at its discretion to remove a school coordinator from the program at any time if it determines that the school coordinator is a detriment to the App-Raiser program.


Any checks made to a school must be cashed or deposited within 90 days from the post mark date. Payments will be sent at the end of the quarter as long as your school has earned at least twenty ($20.00) USD.


As an enrolled member of the App-Raiser program, you can access a record of the fundraising revenue earned for your school through the website at under your account at any time.


If you would like to discontinue being a part of the free program please email and we will remove your school and discontinue sending monthly flyers.

Indemnification Clause

All approved sponsors and advertisers will protect, defend, and hold the FANS, MipTags, any school that participates, and its board of education harmless from any suits or actions of every nature and description brought against it by reason of the advertisement.

Limitations on Content and Specifications of Advertisements

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities will be subject to restrictions in keeping with the FANS and schools standards of good taste and will seek to model and promote positive values for our students. The FANS prohibits any advertisement or sponsorship from any business or organization, and/or displaying or distributing materials that:

  1. Is false, misleading, deceptive, disrespectful, fraudulent or libelous;
  2. Promotes hostility, disorder, violence or unethical practices;
  3. Promotes unlawful or illegal goods, services, or activities;
  4. Attacks ethnic, racial or religious groups;
  5. Contains material or language that is obscene, profane, vulgar, offensive, or reasonably determined not to be in good taste;
  6. Is sexually exploitive in nature, deals with sexual issues, or promotes the sale or use of products designed for use in connection with sexual activity;
  7. Invades the rights of others;
  8. Inhibits or disrupts the functioning of a school or the programs and classes of the schools;
  9. Overrides a school’s identity;
  10. Declares or implies an endorsement by a school or their board;
  11. Promotes gambling, smoking of any substance, vaping, the sale or use of tobacco or tobacco-related products, or the sale or use of alcoholic beverages;
  12. Is political, religious, issues-related, controversial in nature, or not age appropriate.