Fundraising Has Evolved For Education

The MipTags search engine App-Raiserâ„¢ is the best fundraiser for your school. The Family Ads Network takes care of the hard stuff.
Your students and school benefit with a fundraiser that meets today's app-driven technology and advertising first society. By schools working together,
a network is formed that allows your school to receive up to 30% from funds generated from being a part of the network.


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Why Our Fundraising Network?

With MipTags, students and parents can help raise funds for their school in a modern, safe, and fun way. Many of the services we use today make money via marketing. TV, radio, print, and mobile applications are successful when they have an extensive network of viewers. In exchange, they can generate advertising revenue to pay for operations.

The team of parents at Family Ads Network Service decided to take that same model and give back to education. One school by itself will not have enough viewers for advertisers. However, when schools join the network, they create a community that wins together. FANS does all of the hard work by securing and vetting the advertising to make sure it meets our safe and high standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

With all things new there are always questions.

No. FANS covers all cost associated with printing and delivery of the flyers.
No. Most apps in the App-Raiser program are free. However, there may be some apps that require a minimal upfront or monthly fee.
For every account that reaches $20.00 usd, funds will be disbursed on a quarterly bases.
Students with 500 points or more will qualify to receive education rewards in the form of a digital giftcards.
A Parents and students can request their points be redeemed for a scholarship check. Minimun requirements for a scholarship check are 5,000 points or $50 usd in value. Checks must be made out to a school in care of a student.
Have more questions? Drop us a line at and we will be happy to assist.

About Us

Family Ads Network Service is a service created by parents with a background in marketing, technology, and education. Our mission is to assist schools and students with a modern and fun way to raise funds. As parents, we believe that fundraising has to evolve in a way that allows everyone to contribute no matter how much disposable income they may have. We review all advertisements before and during their print run to make sure they meet our family ads standards. Our team spans across the globe. Our service is viewed as a digital cross between BoxTops for Education and eBates for apps and advertisements. Everyone benefits for things they are already engaging with daily. Register today or contact us if you would like to schedule a time to learn more with a regional director.

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